Size Matters

A couple of months ago I shot my first feature film with Dare Cinema as the director, produced by me, some friends, Canon France and Zacuto US.

Canon offered us all the camera and lens we wanted to shoot the movie. We got to shoot the movie with the Canon C300 Mark 2 and amazing prime and zoom lens. It was a great experience to shoot in 4K with such a camera. 

If you want to see the whole interview on how we use the great you can see this video:

Dare wanted to make a fun short on the subject of photography and came up with this fun idea of two photographers trying to show off in front of a pretty girl with their photography gear. 

My buddy Kelvin came on the set dressed up as a classic french man and was funny as hell. The beautiful Allison Hawkstone played (a super talented artist which had a key role in our movie) played the girl. 

I hope you like the result we had fund doing it :-)