Overcome Fear & Self Doubt

In my 20s I was very depressed. I had no confidence and no hope for the future — my depression would keep me from reaching for my goals, including being a photographer and an actor. I would get up in the morning just not wanting to live. That was a really dark place.

Then when I was at my lowest, my mom got me to read this book called Dianetics. And you know this book talks about something called the Reactive Mind—the source of self-doubt and negative thinking. So I saw that, and I thought to myself “Wow, what’s this, the reactive mind? This sound like what I have!” because it described what I was going through perfectly.

In this book, L. Ron Hubbard teaches a technique for getting rid of the Reactive Mind and all the self-doubt, depression and anxiety that it causes. I did a lot of the Dianetics technique and it totally changed my life.

Just like that, the depression was gone and all my ambition and drive to succeed in life just shot me through the darkness. Without question, I am where I am today because of the help I got from Dianetics.

If you experience any self-doubt or lack the drive to really succeed as an artist, Dianetics is going to help you.

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Dianetics Home Study Kit

• New Dianetics hardcover edition

• 4-Hour video program highlighting key concepts

• Online training course with exercises to help you overcome fear and self-sabotage

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